KÖLN. Daniel Verbis “Proof of life” 07 september – 21 december 2018. 100 Kubik Gallery

The gallery 100 Kubik shows as the highlight of the year for the first time the works of the artist Daniel Verbis (*1968, León). His paintings, part of important collections, are surprising and unforgettable.
He has a very individual way to express his universe, which he has constructed since the 90’s.

Daniel Verbis studied art at the Facultad  de Bellas Artes in Salamca. He experiments with new materials; materials that don’t fit normally into the repertoire of art. His installations, paintings and sculptures are very individuel and an exampel for transgression of the limits of art.(100 kubik press-release)

GALERIE 100 KUBIK Raum für spanische kunst. Mohren Str. 21. 50670 Köln



Image: La batalla de San Romano nº3. Daniel Verbis