IKOMA NARA. Berta Sesé “Micro Landscape” 11 – 26 july 2020. Gallery IND.

The artist’s work alternates between painting and photography. Berta is captivated by the Japanese principle wabi sabi, which consists in seeing in the imperfect, the modest, a form of beauty in motion, where the subject becomes another. She is also interested in the principle of correspondence between the infinitely large and the infinitely small, as in quantum mathematics and fractals. Her purpose is to lead us to appreciate the bond between detail and whole. Her work is an invitation to rediscover our environment, based on the freedom of spirit to appreciate the magic of the universe.

Her photographs bring us closer to the real world based on the perception of its details embodied on a different scale. The artist identifies the subject with a very intimate dimension, as a fractal scientific approach to our environment and its projections. Through a macro lens, the image is filled with emotion and becomes a world in itself.

For her 5th solo exhibition at Gallery IND., Berta Sesé exposes for the first time the full set of a photographic series, presenting at the same time the original subjects, in this case her own micro-paintings, and the corresponding macro photographs.

This new series is a revelation of dreamlike sceneries on the edge of the perceptible. Painted on adhesive tapes (utterly a wabi sabi support), her micro paintings make us think of romantic seascapes and misty horizons, of a deep blue, veiled of pink and white tones. They invite us to dive into miniature details to find out some unexpected painted landscapes, while their photographic version encompasses and transports us directly into a distant dreamy place. Two paths in a different scale to make us discover and feel the force of the infinitely large and the infinitely small that lead the cosmos where we belong.

Berta Sesé Pinteño, born in Barcelona, Spain, 1980. Lives and works in Paris (France) since 2002. After her 12 years’ career in fashion in Paris, she dedicates exclusively to art since 2014.

108 SAKURA HOUSE,12-22 Yamazaki-cho Ikoma Nara 6300252 Japan



Image: Berta Sesé