GÖTEBORG. Ibon Aranberri and Elena Aitzkoa “GIBCA’s Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art”. 7 september – 17 november 2019.

GIBCA’s  central motif and method is the notion of “entanglement” and proposes to imagine the world outside the binaries and structural separations imposed by modernity. What images and narratives might reveal the inseparability and non-negotiable dependency of all of us on each other and the world, prompting changes to the way we live that could in turn change the present into a sustainable future?

AC/E supports the participation of Spanish artist Ibon Aranberri with his work “Sources without qualities” (2017) and Elena Aitzkoa with “Los agujeros y la presión atmosférica son demasiado viejas”.

The artistic practice of Ibon Aranberri is one of the most distinct of his generation, combining conceptual, sculptural and political aspects in artworks that often excavate and re-present local histories with contemporary relevance. For GIBCA 2019, Aranberri is invited to exhibit at the Göteborg Konsthall as part of a section of the biennale focusing on the simultaneously utopian and alienating, liberating and violent, aspects of abstraction. Aranberri’s work ’Sources Without Qualities’ (2017 – ) has its origins in the Arms Industry Museum in Eibar, Guipuzkoa, where the artist did research in relation to his commission for the San Sebastian European Capital 2016 project Tratado de Paz curated by Pedro G Romero.

Elena Aitzkoa works with sculpture, poetry, performance and video. At GIBCA 2019 she is invited to present a group of recent sculptures. Her sculptural work often combines natural materials such as stones and flowers with man-made ones, proposing relationships of co-existence between the poetically sensual and significant, and the mundanely trivial and throw-away. Often using textiles to tie things together in unexpected combinations, her compact sculptures sometimes seem to work like firm embraces – tightly wrapping objects and materials up with each other to form new, self-contained assemblages of form and feeling. The practice of sculpture has been central to her production in recent years, a process that leads to the production of a single body that encompasses a heterogeneity, and also attempts to bring about a sometimes uneasy coexistence of different bodies in a single space.

GIBCA presents acclaimed national and international contemporary art. Each biennial consists of several major exhibitions taking place both in established art institutions as well as the public space.

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GIBCA.  Röda sten 1 414 51 Göteborg


Image: Elena Aitzkoa. Fuente de roca, 2018