DÜSSELDORF. Chema Madoz “The Nature of Things” 8 march – 30 april 2019. Clara Maria Sels Gallery.

The photographs of Chema Madoz, born in Madrid in 1958, subtly and ironically show paradoxical worlds of everyday objects. Ordinary objects that Madoz builds himself are placed in a new visual context in the environment of his studio. They are given a new meaning beyond their original function through playful interaction with other objects. What matters now is no longer their use or purpose. Rather, the objects are created solely in order to be photographed as assembled, partly surreal constructions. What is special about this is that the manipulation of the image worlds takes place on an analog level and is not caused by digital processing. Chema Madoz is one of the best known contemporary photographers in Spain. In the past, the artist photographed people in different landscapes until he turned to object photography. He is represented in many international collections and has been awarded numerous prizes. In over two decades, Chema Madoz has created an incomparable photographic oeuvre. Chema Madoz lives and works in Madrid. Opening within the context of Duesseldorf Photo Weekend: March 08, 2019 at 6pm (Clara María Sels press-release)

Galerie Clara Maria Sels. Poststr. 3. D – 40213 Düsseldorf



Image: Chema Madoz “The nature of things”