BRUSSELS. Antonio de la Rosa and Jorge Diezma “Deborah Bowmann 2019” 25 may – 6 july 2019. Deborah Bowmann.

The exhibition brings together the works of Antonio de la Rosa and Jorge Diezma and has its origin in the invitation of that independent non-profit space to Curator Mario Canal.

Although artists have known and admired each other for many years, there had never been an opportunity for them to collaborate and present their work together. The exhibition is based on Diezma’s flamenco-inspired paintings to connect with the local Belgian tradition. His study and interpretation of this genre is of a quality committed to the original style in time, pictorial and thematic. From them, a spatial, aesthetic and formal dialogue between both artists is unleashed, which will add visual and structural layers to the exhibition. The seriousness and soberness of the flamenco still lifes made by Jorge are framed by an immersive and irreverent installation of De la Rosa where Diezma himself resizes these works both conceptually and formally.

Deborah Bowmann is an enterprise which activities comprises curating exhibitions and producing furniture and set design. It aims to develop alternative manners of thinking commodity and commerce in the fields of sculpture, design and exhibition making. It is both an artistic identity and an exhibition space, directed by artists Amaury Daurel and Victor Delestre. Deborah Bowmann develops through collaboration with young artists and various actors. (AC/E press-release)

Deborah Bowmann. 24 avenue Jean Volders 1060 Brussels

Image: Antonio de la Rosa y Jorge Diezma “Deborah Bowmann 2019”