BREMEN “The fragrance of images” Until 22 april 2019. Instituto Cervantes and Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst.

This exhibition presents a selection of works carefully brought together to demonstrate the association between smell, memory and the construction of visual language.

It is a basic human instinct to document, preserve, and materialize experience, often translated and existing as an archive of sorts, a reference to a time lived.

This brings me to my involvement with colección olorVISUAL (the olorVISUAL collection), which facilitated a platform and a unique opportunity to select artists that connected through a similar interest in the poetics of the mind, a cohesive attempt to awaken all the senses.

The selection of works on show here accentuates a need for the social, the political, and in many cases a historical moment as a fundamental form of human expression.

It is an affirmation of cultural identity frequently associated with the psychical space of the mind.

The exhibition presents a diverse group of works in a wide variety of media, with an emphasis on process and in many cases the use of found objects.

Text-based pieces have been chosen as a punctuation and as a direct reference to the poetics of a more open and ambiguous dialogue. A dialogue that is charged by the strength of the individual artists’ voices and the virtual absence of figuration.

Performance-based works take front stage only as a record of a time passed, documented with the camera in the form of photography or video.

Artists are visionaries who perceive the future, often with a sense of optimism. They help us make associations through the simple act of memory, capturing moments that only survive in the mind. Omar Lopez-Chaoud . Curator.

Artists: Pep Agut, Richard Aldrich, Javier Arce, Iván Argote, Art & Language, Miquel Barceló, Jordi Benito, Chakaia Booker, Max Brand, Joan Brossa, James Brown, Stefan Brüggemann, Peter Buggenhout, Jacobo Castellano, Eduardo Chillida, Christo, Costantino Ciervo, Hannah Collins, Diego Delas, Equipo 57, Esther Ferrer, Mark Hagen, Federico Herrero, Rebecca Horn, Alex Jasch, Michael Joo, Antoni LLena, Tony Matelly, Bjarne Melgaard, Duane Michals, David Jonathan-Shrigley Monk, Israel Meza Moreno Moris, David Nash, Ernesto Neto, Carlos Pazos, Guillermo Pfaff, Alfredo Pirri, Albert Ràfols Casamada, Andrei Roiter, Ruth Root, Hiraki Sawa, Sean Scully, Jessica Stockholder, Antoni Tàpies, Ángel Vergara, Pieter Vermeersch, Christoph Weber, James Welling.

Instituto Cervantes Bremen Schwachhauser Ring 124 28209 Bremen

Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst – Haus Coburg – Sammlung Stuckenberg. Fischstraße 30 | Friedrich-Ebert-Allee. 27749 Delmenhorst

Image: “Bautizo” Joan Brosa