BERLIN. María Jauregui Ponte “Lumineszenzen “ Until 14 september 2019. Springer Galerie.

María Jauregui Ponte plays with light – and (almost) blindly! This creates images in which colors, lights and lines of light arise a mysterious world. However, her work is the result exactly planned photographic processes. While the Überstrahlungen series has emerged in the laboratory without the use of a camera, the group of works entitled Nachtgestalten (Figures of the Night) features camera shots. Inspired by the darkness of the photo lab, the artist has gone out to take photographs at night, the natural motifs illuminated solely by torchlight. Although darkness dominates the pictures, bifurcations are visible: you see the green, brown or yellow of nature; you recognise earthiness, grassiness and the reflections of bluish or violet light. These fleeting creatures of the night are hard to discern: blades of grass evoke small fireflies or dancing elves; leaves evoke bats frozen in fear or forest spirits. The pictures develop their own secret life – in the viewers themselves. (Dr Katharina Hausel)

Springer  Galerie. Fasanenstr. 13. 10623 Berlin, GERMANY

Image: María Jauregui