BERLIN. “11th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art” 5 september – 1 november 2020. Various venues.

The 11th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art takes place at various venues in Berlin and has appointed collaborating curators María Berríos, Renata Cervetto, Lisette Lagnado, and Agustín Pérez Rubio. The members of this intergenerational, female identified team of South-American curators come together in a four-voice constellation.

The curators envision this edition of the Berlin Biennale as a series of lived experiences that evolve as a process. It begins with three sequential moments, exp. 1, exp. 2, and exp. 3, unfolding from September 2019 to May 2020, which attempt to learn from and build sustainable relations, not only with participating artists and projects, but as importantly with the city and people of Berlin. The starting point is the immediate surroundings of the ExRotaprint complex in the neighborhood of Wedding. Nothing is complete; things are expected to move and be transformed. In September 2020, the 11th Berlin Biennale will bring forth these experiences in different venues throughout the city.

Acción Cultural Española supports the participation of the Spanish creators invited to participate in the Biennial: El Palomar, Andrés Fernández, Sandra Gamarra, La rare troupé y Azucena Vieites.

The Berlin Biennale takes place every two years at varying locations in Berlin and is defined by the differing concepts of its renowned curators. It promotes experimental formats and provides the appointed curators the space and freedom to present the latest relevant and challenging positions independent of the art market and collection interests. Participation in the exhibition has contributed to numerous young artists achieving international status.

Bienal de Berlín Auguststraße 69. D-10117 Berlin

Imagen: Bienal Berlín