BARCELONA. Rafel Bestard “Man or Rabbit” 13 december 2018 – 9 february 2019. Contrast Gallery.

“Man or Rabbit” shows us the latest artistic productions of this Mallorcan painter, where he recreates the real world from his personal perspective, which is often very disturbing.
The great theme of his work is the reflection about the human condition: Bestard (b Palma de Mallorca 1967) tries to pursue the depth that is in the most current and most immediate. It gives a return to the meaning of everyday life in a disturbing and different parallel world.
His way of working is by photographs; friends that lend themselves to making models, and the artist takes advantage to immortalize these scenes, which then become a performative game. Once the photograph has been chosen where to start, it is seduced by some small detail or fortuitous situation to stretch the creative thread of the work.(Contrast press-release)

Galería Contrast. Arte Contemporáneo · Consell de Cent, 281 – 08011 – Barcelona

Image: Acceleration. Óleo sobre tela, 146 x 114 cm. Rafel Bestard. Galería Contrast