BARCELONA. Laia Estruch “Crawl” 20 september – 8 december 2019. Espai 13. Fundació Joan Miró.

Laia Estruch works with the voice as an extension of the body that can combine issues linked to language, gender and social structures. In Crawl they come together in a swimming pool: an unstable setting that becomes a laboratory for sound experiments. This project uses the contrast between dry and wet to probe the acoustic and expressive possibilities of sound in water, while at the same time questioning the city’s impact on our bodies.

The artist imagines an oral tradition linked to these leisure and sporting spaces and fills the exhibition space with a set of structures that hint at adaptive techniques such as swimming, breathing or floatability. By fluctuating between hydrophilia and hydrophobia, Crawl explores the ambivalent world of ideas surrounding water and passes through it as if through a vast liquid archive full of narratives, material memories and silences. With its focus on the phenomena we classify on the spectrum of the inaudible, Crawl offers an insight into sound as a form of resistance. Curator: Marc Navarro

quepintamosenelmundo: art, contemporary art, art online, spanish art

Fundació Joan Miró Parc de Montjuïc. 08038 Barcelona

Image: Laia Struch. Crawl.