BARCELONA. Carlos Aires “Nothing New” 14 december 2019 – 29 february 2020. ADN Galería.

Aires makes an statement with this exhibition’s title against the self-imposed pressure on artists who create in search of originality or those who end up seeing their art turned into a product whose value is solely imposed by the market. Thus, the strategy of capitalism that manages to keep the consumer constantly expectant with the dictatorship of novelty is fought. At the same time this is an ironic gesture given the contradiction between the title and the fact that all the pieces included at the show will be presented for the very first time. However, they can be considered representative of his career because all the subjects and elements which have flooded his production since he became an artist in the late nineties are present: integration of music, from old records to song lyrics, the inclusion of popular characters and money as a representation of power.

After graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from Universidad de Granada, Carlos Aires furthered his training abroad, mostly in Holland, Belgium and New York, where he was quickly recognized as one of the contemporary artists with better international outreach. After fourteen years he returned to Spain in 2009 and established his studio in Madrid, where he has recently promoted the Mala Fama project. He has received important awards such as Generación 2008 of Caja Madrid or the Pont Museum Prize in the Netherlands. What is more, he is the first Spanish artist to receive one of the most important national awards in Belgium: Prix de la Jeune Peinture Belge en 2005.

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adn galería. C. Mallorca, 205. 08036 Barcelona

Image. Carlos Aries adn galería