AUSTIN. Ana Esteve Llorens “Space is a reality” 11 january- 23 february 2020. Gray Duck Gallery.

By means of sculpture and installation Spanish artist Ana Esteve Llorens presents a new group of works that enquire about the reality of space as a sensory experience. Utilizing natural and manufactured materials, craft techniques and industrial processes, the artist engages with different methods of production and with a local and international community of Makers.

Within each work, the conversation between art, craft and design is expanded. Space is a Reality continues and deepens the artist’s research on recurrent concepts such as time, place and perception, and the relationship between memory, abstraction and the process of making.

This exhibition is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

Ana Esteve Llorens was born in Valencia, Spain and has been living, intermittently, between Spain and the US since 2005. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture and Extended Media from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a Master of Arts and a B.A. from Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. Prior to her Art career she was trained as an Engineer and received a Telecommunication degree from Higher Polytechnic School of Gandía, specializing in Image and Sound. She worked as an engineer for four years, in Wolfsburg and in Madrid. Both, her scientific and artistic education inform her studio practice. In her installations and sculptural pieces craftsmanship and technology combine in the treatment of classical and industrial materials to link and expand the syntax of sculpture.

quepintamosenelmundo: art, contemporary art, art online, spanish art, sculpture

Gray DUCK Gallery. 2213 E. Cesar Chavez, Austin TX 78702

Image: Ana Esteve Llorens. S/T. 2020