AUSTIN. Ana Esteve Llorens “Prologue” 19 july – 3 august 2019. Pump Project Gallery.

In “Prologue,” Ana Esteve Llorens initiates a new series of pieces that will be presented subsequently in larger, more complex installations.

Prologue features two new sculptures and a weaving-object by means of which the artist revisits and expands her sculptural body of work. Each piece initiates a new series that will be presented subsequently in larger, more complex installations. Utilizing natural and industrial materials, the artist blurs the boundaries between art, craft and design. In each work manual and digital processes coexist to complement and expand each other, and to further develop her ongoing research on the relation between memory, abstraction and the process of making.

Ana Esteve Llorens was born in Valencia, Spain and has been living intermittently between Spain and the U.S. since 2005. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture and Extended Media from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a Masters of Arts and a B.A. from Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain.

Prior to her art career she was trained as an engineer and received a telecommunication degree from Higher Polytechnic School of Gandía, specializing in image and sound. She worked as an engineer for four years, in Wolfsburg and in Madrid. Both her scientific and artistic education inform her studio practice. In her installations and sculptural pieces, craftsmanship and technology combine in the treatment of classical and industrial materials to link and expand the syntax of sculpture.

Esteve Llorens has been the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships, including a Fulbright Fellowship, an Excellence award from AMEXCID, and a Fellowship from Arte y Derecho Foundation. Her work has been shown in Europe and in The Americas. She has been an artist in residence at Yaddo in New York, The French Academy in Madrid, and The National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico City among others.

Pump Project Gallery, 3411 E 5th St, Austin, TX 78702

Image: Ana Esteve Llorens