AMSTERDAM. Lara Almarcegui “Gravel” 10 november – 22 december 2018. Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS.

A video presenting Gravel – a large installation that grows every day following the pace of extraction of a Basel gravel pit- 250 tons every day- mirroring the average volume of gravel extracted from a Basel quarry, the work serves as an invitation to reflect on the consequences of the extractive relationship to the land. At the same time ‘The gravel pits of Basel’ reviewed abandoned gravel pits around the city, reflecting on the consequences of extraction from the point of view of the land and inviting the public to enjoy the different terreins which await a new function.

A smaller presentation of the second stage of the project Mineral rights. Started in 2015 when Almarcegui became holder on the mineral rights to an iron ore deposits near Oslo. The project Mineral Rights doesn’t involve any intention of extracting the iron, but it aims to draw attention to the origin of construction materials below the feet, and how territory gets split into pieces for exploitation.

Gravel was made on the occasion of the exhibition Basilea by Creative Time, commissioned by Art Basel for Messeplatz 2018.

Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS Singel 372 1016 AH Amsterdam

Image: Lara Almarcegui “Gravel”