AMSTERDAM. Isabel Coixet “Faces” 20 april – 13 june 2019. Openbare Bibliotheek.

The exhibition includes 52 portraits of actors, actresses, writers and directors of Catalan cinema taken during the shooting of her movies. Photographer and director Isabel Coixet decribes her series with this poem: Faces are my landscape. Not walls, nor sunsets. Not even oceans or streets or skyscrapers. Every face that I  have shot is a fragment that I’ve loved. A window on others. To those who have let me glimpse at their hearts and who have given  me some instants. An extract of what they are. A pure, unpolished, undistilled version. I remember with an unprecedented precision – a
precision I don’t usually have to remember where the car keys or the cellular are – the exact moment in which I took each of these photographs. The degree of freedom
and alcohol. The effervescence. How I felt behind the camera. The temperature. The air of the time. The Smell. All this faces are with me. I love them. I can’t help it.

Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam O.B.A. (Amsterdam) Oosterdokskade 143. 1011 DL Amsterdam (Países Bajos)

Image: Isabel Coixet. “Penelope Cruz”