SAO PAULO. Sara Ramo “Cards on the Table” 12 april -19 may 2018. Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel. Galpão

Sara Ramo (Madrid. Spain. 1975) explores notions of order and disorder by recording banal actions, that become surreal interventions in intimate, domestic settings. Strongly informed by performance art, Ramo sometimes appears in her own works. Using film, installations and photography, she is inspired by the innocence of childhood and magic realism to create parallel worlds beyond the restrictions of adult reason.

The Everyday will juxtapose Ramo’s still and moving image works, which often focus on sequence of actions or events. When people do not appear in the work, inanimate objects, such as screwed up pieces of paper, black balloons on strings and taped lines on the ground, are given a life of their own. They appear as characters in imaginary narratives constructed by the artist. Series of photographs show the same spaces before and after an intervention with objects moved in and out of visibility. Often the work is concerned with the thin line between order and chaos in everyday life.

Les Abattoirs. 76 allées Charles-de-Fitte. 31300 Toulouse. France

Imagen: Eduardo Chillida, Homenaje a la Arquitectura II, 2000, coll. Famille Chillida – Belzunce © Zabalaga – Leku, ADAGP, 2018, photo : Alberto Cobo