MADRID. Nano4814. “Turno de noche”. 17 february – 1 april, 2018. Delimbo Gallery

Attempting to go through any work by Nano 4814 (Vigo, 1978) involves delving into a hole-like shape––a space appearing laconically before us and dragging us toward the joys of synesthesia, where we know full well that one or another of our senses may undergo a fracturing, a transmutation, or some kind of quiet upheaval. Once inside, enticed by the journey through the work’s transparent traps, there appears a sort of twinkle, heavy with a routineness we believe we digest every day but will positively rethink on the way out. (Extract test) Daniel Muñoz

Nano4814(Vigo, 1978) is an artist born in the small galician town of Vigo, were he started to use the streets as a place for self expression in the mid 90s. Originally inspired by the character forms of traditional graffiti writing, his figures soon started to load themselves with narrative and iconic particularities, developing his own creative world, either aesthetically and conceptually speaking. In this world the inner sense meets the observation of the outside world and together they become strange partners in the quest for hidden (in)coherence.
After studying fine arts and passing through a brief formative stage in London, in such prestigious schools as Saint Martins School of Arts and the London College of Printing, he moves to Madrid in 2004 where he develops his work as an artist, exhibiting in galleries and participating in different projects both in Spain and abroad, bringing inside his own experience working outdoors and questioning personal subjects in a strange contex. Delimbo press-release)

DELIMBO GALLERY MADRID. Doctor Fourquet 30. 28012.MADRID

Imagen: Nano4814