IKOMA NARA. Berta Sesé “MIRAGES”. 7 – 29 April 2018. Gallery IND

Solo exhibition of Catalan artist Berta Sesé, born in Barcelona and based in Paris since 2002, where she worked as a fashion designer for twelve years. Berta Sesé decides to devote herself exclusively to Art since 2014. The artist’s work alternates between painting and photography, two complementary media of expression without borders in her eyes. Her photographic work is based on the close up perception and observations of our daily life, by interpreting the details it conceals. Using the macro technique, the artist livens up the discoveries of her visions in dreamlike worlds and landscapes, fruit of the observable eye’s limits. Berta Sesé’s work is inspired by the research of the infinitely small to the infinitely big, as in quantum mathematics and fractals. She leads us to appreciate the bond between detail and the whole.

Gallery IND. 108 SAKURA HOUSE,12-22 Yamazaki-cho Ikoma Nara 6300252 Japan



Image: Berta Sesé