EDINBURGH. Jacobo Bugarín. “6 th Hidden Edingurgh”. 16 march – 15 april, 2018. Interview Room 11

Interview Room 11 celebrates its 6th edition of the Hidden Edinburgh event in 2017, which once again highlights the work of Spanish artists in the Scottish capital. In the project, each one engages in a dialogue with Edinburgh, but not with the Edinburgh we know from the postcards, but the one that hides far from the castle. For several months, each artist will explore and analyze a specific aspect of the Scottish capital to create an exhibition related to their artistic practice.

This year’s artist, Jacobo Bugarín, with the support of AC/E, plans to interact with the artistic community and with the streets of Edinburgh, creating a specific intervention. On this occasion he will work in the city center, looking to analyze the most well-known streets of the city from a very different perspective. Bugarín will tour the most emblematic streets following the footsteps of a tour guide. He will analyze the words that are repeated day after day introducing small comments or gestures to interrupt and modify the discourse established. He will also introduce new elements in the route, thus establishing an unexpected game between the guide and the tourists, creating a parallel history to the existing one.

This line of artistic research depends a lot on the people that the artist chooses during the creation of the piece. So far Bugarín has developed four pieces in exhibition areas: one at the Pazo de Tor Museum with Silvia, one of the guides that makes the daily visit, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Gas Natural Fenosa, with the museum’s teaching group, in Zone C of Santiago with Uxía, the person in charge of the room, and with Christian Fernández of the mediation group in the Young Art Room of the Community of Madrid. . (AC/E press-release)

Interview Room 11. 38 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh. UK



Image: “Sacar espacio. Fijar tiempo”.2017. Jacobo Bobugarín