Albano Hernández’s work explores the problems of the image in contemporary society, focusing on the pictorial process, its elements and the temporal dimension to backbone his reflections. In his drawings, paintings and sculptures we find fields of color, palettes, grids, checkerboards, fit crosses, color charts, notes or measurements that leave abandon the shade shadow of the canvas to become the main subject of the work. Everything and nothing is a journey between color and reason, a chromatic explosion that refuses to be ordered put in order and measured by man.


Albano Hernández (Ávila 1988) has a degree in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid and MA Painting Royal College of Art in London. He has his workshop in Cambridge, where he resides. His works are present in prestigious international collections such as BMW, Cambridge University, Ankaria Foundation, UBS, Valparaíso Foundation, António Prates Foundation, Iturria Foundation, Cortes de Castilla y León or José Saramago Foundation: the result of individual exhibitions in Spain, Uruguay, the United Kingdom and Portugal. His CV mentions more than 50 awards, including the BMW 2012 award, the First Prize at the Bienal de Artes Plásticas de Castilla y León, the medal of the Facultad de Bellas Artes de Madrid and Obra Abierta 2015.

Individual expositions :

Individual expositions:

2020 ‘A non-linear newspaper?’. Salvador Victoria Museum. Rubielos de Mora. Spain.

2020 ‘Pantone’. College of Spain. Paris. France.

2019 ‘Everything and Nothing’. Iturria Foundation. Montevideo. Uruguay.

2019 ‘Voyage’. CLIC. Department of Engineering. University of Cambridge. UK.

2017 ‘Nobody deletes anything’. Juan Risso Gallery. Madrid. Spain.

2017 ‘Over the rainbow’. Iturria Gallery. Cadaqués. Spain.

2017 ‘The green heralds’. UBS Europe SE. Madrid Spain.

2017 ‘Clear flight of Memory’. Public Library of Ávila. Spain.

2013 ‘Genesis’. Prado Workshop. Madrid Spain.

2013 ‘NEITHER SIROCO NOR PAMPERO’. Mansa Showroom 16. Punta del Este, Uruguay.

2011 ‘Valkyrie Dreams’. Alfama Gallery. Madrid Spain.

2011 ‘Pass it on’. António Prates Gallery. Lisbon Portugal.

2009 ‘Africa, a Dream’. Calir Gallery. Ávila, Spain.

2007 ‘Mario Antolín Scholarship 2006’. Alfama Gallery. Madrid Spain.

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