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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

VILLENEUVE – TOLOSANE “Après 1975 – La movida ?” 22 december 2019 – 22 february 2020. Le Majorat.

The exhibition of Les Abattoirs in Toulouse Picasso and the exile. returned to the painful period of the Spanish War, the establishment of the dictatorship and the massive exodus it brought (la Retirada). The exhibition in the Majorat focuses on artistic, musical and cinematographic phenomena that [...]

OSLO. Cristina de Middel “The body as a battlefield” Until 13 april 2020. Nobel Peace Center.

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize Exhibition is about Dr Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad. It is about how sexual violence has been, and still is, used as a weapon of war worldwide. –The violence itself is in many cases so overwhelming that it’s hard [...]

BAD HOMBURG. “Jaume Plensa ” 13 november 2019 – 18 april 2020. Jakobshallen Galerie Scheffel.

Jaume Plensa, born in Barcelona in 1955, is concerned principally with “the interplay between spirit and matter, not mere form”. In his multifaceted sculptural work he poetically dissolves the physical body and converts the intangible into concrete forms. Thus he achieves a poetic intensification [...]

THYHOLM. Cabello/Carceller “Gender is Political” 14 december 2019 – 16 february 2020. Regelbau 411. Kunsthal for international samtidskunst.

Pictures are representations. In other words; Pictures represent something and show this something in a certain way. This basic realization can be an important point when looking at works by the Spanish artist duo Cabello/Carceller. Helena Cabello and Ana Carceller have been working together [...]

BARCELONA. Carlos Aires “Nothing New” 14 december 2019 – 29 february 2020. ADN Galería.

Aires makes an statement with this exhibition’s title against the self-imposed pressure on artists who create in search of originality or those who end up seeing their art turned into a product whose value is solely imposed by the market. Thus, the strategy of [...]

CURITIBA. Llorenç Barber, Daniel Canogar, Juan Luis Moraza “Open Borders” Until 23 february 2020. 14th Biennial of Contemporary Art. Oscar Niemeyer Museum.

In this edition, the 14th, the ​Curitiba Biennial of Contemporary Art is made under the concept of "open borders", showing how the word "border" can have several meanings and how art has always been involved in that concept. With the presence of other countries artworks and its representatives, it will be possible to [...]