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NEW YORK. Helena Goñi “Tell me how close we are to a riot” 3 – 26 october 2019. The Storefront Project.

Helena Goñi (Bilbao, 1990) With a BA in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country, she moved to London to continue her studies, completing a Master’s in Photography at Central Saint Martins. After graduating in June 2015, her first individual exhibition was [...]

GUIMARAES. Oriol Segon Torra “Young Patriots” 13 september – 27 october 2019. B-Lounge da U.Minho – Azurém.

The military summer camp in Mogyoród, Hungary, is a private project which each year sees the arrival of hundreds of children and teenagers between 10 and 15 years old. Some came attracted by the fascination of the military way of life, militarism which is [...]

STOCKHOLM. Teresa Solar Abboud “Ride Ride Ride” 25 october 2019 – 26 january 2020. Index Foundation.

Teresa Solar Abboud (Spain/Egypt) offers a variety of sculptural forms in bright and playful colours not avoiding the possible critical approach on consumption and desire. The concept of the museum and the imagined idea of a storage room of an amusement park defines Teresa [...]

BEIRUT. “Picasso et la famille” BEIRUT. “Picasso 27 september 2019 – 6 january 2020. Sursock Museum.

Picasso et la famille explores Pablo Picasso’s (1881-1973) relationship to the notion of the family nucleus, encompassing everything from motherhood to children’s games, from the representation of conceptual intimacy to the numerous experiences of a fatherhood spent under the spotlight. Bringing together drawings, etchings, [...]

BARCELONA. Alberto García-Alix, Ouka Leele, Pablo Pérez-Mínguez y Miguel Trillo. “LA MOVIDA. A chronicle of turmoil” 17 october 2019 – 16 de february 2020. Fundación Foto Colectania.

The exhibition offers an approach to this historical moment from the perspective of photography, addressing radically different areas and views. In the exhibition, which was presented at the Les Rencontres d'Arles festival in summer, you can see vintage photographs by Alberto García-Alix, Ouka Leele, Pablo Pérez-Mínguez and Miguel Trillo. After several [...]

MOGANSHAN (China) Olimpia Velasco “The Magic Mountain 2019” 27 september – 30 november 2019. Bai Yun Art Museum .

The starting point of this project is the conception of time from the book The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann. The time, the value that it acquires depending on the experiences we have, conceived as an elapse without objectives, together with a space-enclave that [...]