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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

NÎMES. Daniel G. Andujar “Leaders” 6 june – 3 november 2019. Carré d´art

Visual artist, theoretician and activist, Daniel G. Andújar (Almoradí, Alicante, 1966) lives in Barcelona. He questions the media and the strategies used by the new means of communication by highlighting the desire for control under appearances of transparency and the failures of democratic access [...]

THE HAGUE “Jaume Plensa” 22 june – 22 september 2019. Museum Beelden aan Zee.

Jaume Plensa, (Barcelona, 1955) is a world-renowned sculptor best known for his constructions in the public space resembling the heads of women that are multiple meters tall. With their eyes closed, they have an almost meditative expression. Plensa's much-acclaimed exhibition at the Basilica di [...]

MADRID. Javier Vallhonrat “The Incised Shadow” 6 june – 1 september 2019. Real Jardín Botánico.

With The Incised Shadow, the Fundación ENAIRE presents the most recent and one of the most ambitious projects by Javier Vallhonrat, winner of the 1st Fundación ENAIRE Trajectory Award. This exhibition is the result of over 10 years of fieldwork at the Maladeta Glacier in the [...]

BARCELONA. Alicia Kopf “Speculative intimacy” 13 june – 31 july 2019. Joan Prats gallery.

After her first solo exhibition Seal Sounds Under the Floor in 2013, Alicia Kopf will present at the gallery her new project, Speculative intimacy. Her investigations have the particularity to generate materials in the field of visual arts and litterature in parallel to each other. The new [...]

KÖLN. Jorge Villalba “Youngs Heroes” 28 june – 30 august 2019. 100 Kubik Gallery.

The Gallery 100 Kubik shows works by Jorge Villalba (*1975, Alicante), who is represented in many public and private collections in Germany. His hyperrealistic paintings revive figures from mythology, fairy tales and Christian faith and bring them into a contemporary context. Villalba thus builds [...]

LONDON. Alberto Feijoo “New Talent Annual Exhibition” 14 june – 6 october 2019. The Photographers Gallery.

Spanish photographer Alberto Feijoo has been selected among the 8 UK based artist to take part in The Photographers’ Gallery New Talent Annual Exhibition and Programme. American artist Jim Goldberg and the curatorial team at The Photographers’ Gallery selected the work of Feijoo from [...]