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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

GENEVA. “Antoni Tápies” 8 november 2019 – 10 january 2020. Pace Gallery.

For Tàpies, art is ritual, not commodity. It is not intended to be worshiped, but neither is it meant to decorate or please. The purpose of art, then, is to alter and heighten consciousness, bringing us into contact in the most powerful way with [...]

GOLD COAST. Antonyo Marest “The golden state” 12 october – 16 november 2019. 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace.

Antonyo Marest explores the contrasts of the sunrises of this part of our country in order to create a tropical sensation but with an urban edge - with the idea that sometimes less is more, and a burst of colours and pure lines that [...]

DURHAM. Javier Riera “Geometrical Traces” 14 – 17 november 2019. Lumiere Festival. River Wear.

The connection between geometry and nature inspired this mesmerising new artwork. The projection illuminates the trees on the banks of the River Wear with computer-generated patterns, created using the Fibonacci Sequence and other mathematical patterns found in the natural world. Javier Riera views geometry [...]

KÖLN. Lidia Masllorens “Esto no es un retrato” 22 november 2019 – 10 january 2020. 100 Kubik Galerie.

Lidia Masllorens (*1967, Girona) is an artist with high recognition value, especially through her large-format facial images, with which she transports us into a world of feelings and details. Expressivity is the most important thing for her and her direct brushstroke resembles Japanese calligraphy [...]

NEW YORK. Jorge Otero-Pailos and Gabriela Albergaria “Nature’s Afterlives” november 13 – december 20, 2019. SAPAR Contemporary.

Nature’s Afterlives is the first shared exhibition of Gabriela Albergaria (Portugal/UK) and Jorge Otero-Pailos (Spain/US). This exhibition brings together two artists whose work focuses on Nature and the associated themes of growth and decay, history and memory, continuity and change. Albergaria’s large-scale drawings and [...]

SINGAPORE. Lita Cabellut “The Echo of the Masters” 15 november – 1st december 2019. Opera Gallery.

Opera Gallery Singapore is delighted to announce the opening of our latest exhibition The Echo of the Masters by the remarkable Spanish contemporary artist, Lita Cabellut. To round-up our 25th anniversary celebrations, the solo exhibition will be held from the 15th of November to the 1st of December 2019, [...]