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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

ZURICH. Jacobo Castellano “Combing Grounds” 24 january -14 march 2020. Mai 36 Galerie.

Jacobo Castellano’s (*1976 Jaén. Spain) art evolves from the materials and places that become part of his own personal story. The sculptures and installations he creates, often constructed from old and patinated objects, create a special atmosphere, that oscillates around the melancholia and lightness [...]

MANCHESTER. Juan Antonio Cerón “Anaqronías: a Cervantine photographic interpretation” 31 january – 28 february 2020. Instituto Cervantes.

Anaqronías is a photographic interpretation of Miguel de Cervantes´s Quijote from a modern perspective. The photographer, Juan Antonio Cerón, wants to rescue the secondary and imaginary female characters from novel by transforming them into a photo to create an anachronism that represents their character. [...]

BARCELONA. “Chema Madoz – Recent work” 17 january -28 march 2020. Galería Joan Prats.

The black and white photographs by Chema Madoz are characterized by their sharpness and fineness. Simple objects of everyday life appear in his pictures. The photographer has manipulated them, often combining two objects, looking for associations or paradoxes. These sculptures created by the artist [...]

MOSCOW, “Salvador Dalí. Magic Arts” 28 january – 25 march 2020. Manege Central Exhibition Hall.

The Manege Central Exhibition Hall will host the exhibition Salvador Dalí. Magic Art, organized by the Link of Times Foundation and the Fabergé Museum in partnership with the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation (Figueres) and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid). The exhibition [...]

LONDON. Concha García, Victoria Civera, Carmen Calvo, Bleda y Rosa“In the Eye of Bambi”14 January – 19 April 2020. Whitechapel Gallery

A forest creeper invades the gallery with its sinuous tendrils. This hanging sculpture by Concha García (b. 1960, Spain) is made of bright red wool, alerting us to the danger that all is not right in the world. Nearby, an enlarged eye looks out at the [...]

SAN FRANCISCO. Daniel Canogar “Surge” 17 january – 29 february 2020. Minnesota street Project.

SAN FRANCISCO. Daniel Canogar “Surge”   17 january -  29 february 2020. Minnesota street Project. Luminous, connected, resonant. For this third major public art commission at the Moss Art Center, Daniel Canogar has created a site-specific sequence of dynamic, data-fed sculptural forms. Surge encompasses thousands [...]