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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

LISBON. José María Cano “Apostolate” 21 december 2019 – 12 january 2020. Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga.

José Maria Cano launched his career as a musician and composer, most notably as a member of the best-selling Spanish pop band Mecano. For the past 20 years, he has devoted himself exclusively to painting and has gained acclaim for his meticulous and visually [...]

BARCELONA. Carlos Aires “Nothing New” 14 december 2019 – 29 february 2020. ADN Galería.

Aires makes an statement with this exhibition’s title against the self-imposed pressure on artists who create in search of originality or those who end up seeing their art turned into a product whose value is solely imposed by the market. Thus, the strategy of [...]

CURITIBA. Llorenç Barber, Daniel Canogar, Juan Luis Moraza “Open Borders” Until 23 february 2020. 14th Biennial of Contemporary Art. Oscar Niemeyer Museum.

In this edition, the 14th, the ​Curitiba Biennial of Contemporary Art is made under the concept of "open borders", showing how the word "border" can have several meanings and how art has always been involved in that concept. With the presence of other countries artworks and its representatives, it will be possible to [...]

TANGER. Javier Abella “Other realities: La Alhambra” 5 – 26 december 2019. Instituto Cervantes.

Javier Abella was born in Madrid in 1971. He’s one of the artists of greater creative production in the field of urban photography. He began his career in the field of advertising and in the late 90s he entered the world of artistic photography. [...]

PARIS. Antonio Saura “Brigitte Bardot et Autres Dames” 22 december 2019 – 8 february 2020. Galería Mayoral.

Antonio Saura, like Picasso, makes of the figure of the woman less a theme of predilection than a field of research. From 1954 on he envisages her as the mother form—the matrix—as a mould out of which form will emerge, as a breast that [...]

NEW YORK. Juan Miguel Palacios – “Hedgehog’s Skin” 12 december 2019 – 12 january 2020. Ivy Brown Gallery.

In this exhibition, Juan Miguel Palacios investigates "the skin of the hedgehog". ‘I take a tour of some of the works, in my opinion the most important of the last three years. Like the skin of a hedgehog I wanted to create an uncomfortable [...]