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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

BRUSSELS. Antonio de la Rosa and Jorge Diezma “Deborah Bowmann 2019” 25 may – 6 july 2019. Deborah Bowmann.

The exhibition brings together the works of Antonio de la Rosa and Jorge Diezma and has its origin in the invitation of that independent non-profit space to Curator Mario Canal. Although artists have known and admired each other for many years, there had never [...]

GUADALAJARA (MX) Teresa Solar “Pumping Station” 18 may – 31 july 2019. Galería Travesía Cuatro.

Somewhere in Aristotle’s ethics it is said that the thing that differentiates us from animals is our language capacity. Such a distinction cannot be applied to feelings; it would be wrong to think that other living beings do not have feelings, or as Aristotle [...]

KHOLN. Ignacio Llamas and Héctor Garrido “Tiny Giants”10 – 30 may 2019. 100 Kubik Galerie.

The exhibition "Tiny giants" in the Galerie 100 Kubik, within the framework of the Photoszene Festival in Cologne, allows two very different photographers to dialogue with each other: Ignacio Llamas (*1970, Toledo) and Héctor Garrido (*1969, Huelva). Both deal with different motifs: while Llamas [...]

YORKSHIRE. Silvia Lerin. “’Neons from heaven” SCULPT Art Trail in North Yorkshire. 25 may – 28 september 2019. Masham Church.

“I’m very pleased to be part of SCULPT, a major new art event taking place in seven churches centred on Masham, near Ripon in North Yorkshire. We, seven international artists have been creating unique site-specific sculptures for especially chosen churches in the Yorkshire Dales.  Art in the [...]

BARCELONA. Antoni Tàpies “Profound Certainty” Until 29 september 2019. Fundació Antoni Tàpies.

In 1991, just under a year after the Fundació’s opening, Antoni Tàpies produced a series of works in Barcelona on synthetic textile mats that he used to cover and protect his studio floor. It was not the first time that Tàpies used this medium. [...]

PORTO. Amparo Garrido “Tiergarten” 4 may – 22 june 2019. Espacio Jhannia Castro.

TIERGARTEN. Garden of beasts. A GERMAN ROMANTIC GARDEN. I started this project as I do almost all of them, without knowing where it would take me. I discovered Tiergarten, and then it became clear that I wanted to return, that I wanted to keep taking photos. [...]