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“Wordless Dialogues: Africa / 05 Salma Khalil (CHAD) – Joana Choumali (Côte d´Ivoire)

Dialogue 04 Salama Khalil Dialogue 05 Joan Choumali It gives me great pleasure to present the second edition of “Diálogos Sin Palabras” (Wordless Dialogues), a quepintamosenelmundo project.  Our objective is to elevate imagery to a totally independent and media based language that adapts to todays´communications [...]

LJUBLJANA. Joan Fontcuberta “Gastropoda & Trauma” 1 june – 13 july 2018. Photon – Center for Contemporary Photography

Joan Fontcuberta is an internationally acclaimed artist from Barcelona. A wide range of writings as well as curatorial and lecturing activities accompanies his prolific artistic practice. Since the start of his career in the mid-80s, his highly conceptual works have been imbued with ambiguity [...]

MILAN. Mit Borrás. “Love Drone” 20 june – 8 september 2018. Dimora Artica Gallery

Love Drone, is a selection of artworks expressly developed by the artist during 2018 for Dimora Artica gallery. In this show, Mit Borrás deals through installations and videos with themes such as technology, progress and the intervention of the human being on nature. Born [...]

SAN FRANCISCO. Amparo Sard “The Portrait Show” 23 june – 18 august 2018. Rena Bransten Gallery

The Portrait Show is a group exhibition exploring portraiture from traditional to non-traditional approaches in a range of media including photography, painting, sculpture, and works on paper. This exhibition will include works by Robert Arneson, John Bankston, Dawoud Bey, Jonathan Calm, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Rupert [...]

MOSCOW. Antoni Muntadas “The Ball in Art” 13 june – 23 july 2018. Zariadie Park Media Center

Works by renowned contemporary artists paying tribute to soccer have been brought together in the Ball in Art exhibition. The exhibition at Zariadie park, near the Kremlin, brings together more than 60 works from 20 different artists, including pioneering Spanish video artist Antoni Muntadas. [...]

BIEL/BIENNE. “Ca l´Isidret Edicions “THE DOUBT” 29 june – 26 august 2018. Pasquart Photoforum

Aleix Plademunt (*1980, ES), Juan Diego Valera (*1976, AR) and Roger Guaus (*1972, ES) founded in 2012 the independent publishing house Ca l’Isidret Edicions, after meeting and subsequently pursuing a collective project in Argentina in 2010. As well as being a platform for disseminating the [...]