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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

MANILA. Okuda San Miguel “Spiritual Boreal World” 4 august – 6 september 2019. Secret Fresh Gallery.

In his first exhibition in the Philippines, Okuda San Miguel will display a unique and exciting show full of color and positivism. At “Spiritual Boreal World” everyone will be delighted with a selection of amazing creations, from paintings to new sculpture designs. Okuda reflects [...]

HELSINKI. Alejandra Carles-Tolra “Where We Belong” Unti 1st september 2019. The Belonging to the Story . The Finnish Museum of Photography.

The Belonging to the Story exhibition hovers between reality and fiction and uses the techniques of contemporary photographic art to examine the way in which we cling to one another and the world, dream, create utopias, and imagine the future. The exhibition also explores [...]

PORTO. Picasso “Suite Vollard” Until 11 september 2019. Palacio das Artes.

Commissioned by the art dealer and publisher Ambroise Vollard, Pablo Picasso made one hundred etchings between 13 September 1930 and March 1937, which passed into the history of art under the name Suite Vollard. The set of 100 etchings appeared in 1939 in two [...]

SHANGHAI. Antoni Muntadas “Look See Perceive” 23 august – 20 october 2019. Vanguard Gallery.

This exhibition examines several perspectives of thinking and artistic proposals as significant examples of different projects and work issues developed by the artist through his career. It will be the artist’s first exhibition in the gallery. Muntadas was born in Barcelona in 1942 and has lived in New [...]

BERLIN. “Dionisio González” Until 31 august 2019. Taubert Contemporary.

González shows in his works ‘surrealistic’ architecture in a natural landscape. His visionary constructions are close to Le Corbusier, projects of buildings made out of béton brut and futuristic visions of cities inspired by Japanese metabolism architecture especially Kenzo Tange and Kisho Kurokawa. But [...]

BRUSSELS. Esther Gatón and Guillermo Mora “Extended Spaces” 6 september – 17 october 2019. Irène Laub Gallery.

Extended Spaces is an acknowledgement of artworks developing a pragmatic architectural relationship, which in turn induces spiritual awareness through the subtle process of perception. Often, the artworks will transform space by means of expansion, contraction, addition or even subtraction. These artwork protocols create spatial [...]