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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

BERLIN. Núria Fuster “Chrono Matter- Objects are closer than they appear” 7 september – 2 november 2019. Efremidis Gallery.

For her second presentation in the gallery, Núria Fuster has created an ambitious multi-dimensional universe, where movement, sound, and objects interrelate. Different notions of time intersect and are revealed in ‘CHRONO-MATTER – Objects are closer than they appear’. Fuster’s objects exist on their own [...]

HONG KONG. Bernardí Roig “The cinematographic construction of the place” 6 september – 4 october 2019. Videotage.

The filmmaker is a celluloid architect. The cinema creates places that tell us about its builder, its visual universe and the human mind. In Bernardí Roig's films there are baroque halls, geometric structures, abandoned factories but there is also the desert. These are places [...]

BIELEFELD. Beatriz Olabarrieta “Stay Twice” 07 september – 10 november 2019. Bielefelder Kunstverein.

The Kunstverein Bielefeld, under the new direction of Nadine Droste, is delighted to present Stay Twice, the first institutional solo exhibition in Germany by Beatriz Olabarrieta. Olabarrieta’s work deals with the visual representation of communication and language. It reflects on the relationship between literal [...]

BRUSSELS “Miquel Barceló” 5 september – 17 october 2019. Almine Rech Gallery.

In the late nineteen-eighties Miquel Barceló traveled throughout the West African Dogon Country. During the course of his nomadic wanderings—amidst the immensity of the land, a harsh sun whose rays projected an intensity that enveloped all things—he was struck by the pottery made by [...]

LEIPZIG. Eugenio Merino “The End of Freedom” september 7 – december 7, 2019. HALLE 14 Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst.

The show introduces artists and artist groups who resist authoritarian powers in their countries, who take to the streets, who participate in the social negotiation process and who call attention to threats and in turn provoke them. What political and artistic restrictions do they [...]

SAN DIEGO. José María Cano “Apostolate” 02 september – 22 november 2019. The San Diego Museum of Art.

A response to the Museum’s exhibition Art and Empire: The Golden Age of Spain is on view concurrently in Gallery 20, a group of 12* resin-on-canvas “portraits” of Christ’s disciples by contemporary Spanish artist José-María Cano. Cano launched his career as a musician and [...]