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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

BERLIN. Eugenio Recuenco “365º” 28 september – 14 november 2019. Camera Work.

I don’t remember the flight; I don’t recall where I was headed; I don’t remember if I was alone. Yes – I was by myself with my forehead stuck to the plastic of the window, and behind me laid a world that in that [...]

BERLIN. Guillem Nadal“Fire & Earth”, 25 october – 7 december 2019. Galerie Florian Schönfelder.

Guillem Nadal (Sant Llorenç. Mallorca), 1957. His paintings acquire the consistency of sculpture and his painting takes on the appearance of the raw material. Nadal feels a fascination with the secret codes that govern nature and this is expressed in his work. He has participated [...]

MEXICO. Laia Abril “On Abortion” 23 october – 1st december 2019. FotoMexico. Centro de la imagen.

The exhibition On Abortion is the first chapter of a long-term project titled A History of Misogyny from the photographer, a visual investigation of misogyny through historical and contemporary comparisons. In this chapter that she presents  documents and conceptualizes the dangers and damages caused by women’s lack of [...]

ÉVORA “Painted architectures ” 12 october – 29 december 2019. Fundação Eugénio de Almeida.

The exhibition will present works of 17 renowned contemporary Spanish artists: Ángel Mateo Charris, Marcelo Fuentes, Dis Berlin, Damián Flores, Carlos García Alix, Paco de la Torre, Teresa Tomás, Joël Mestre, Roberto Mollá, Jorge Tarazona, Fernando Martín Godoy, Elena Goñi, Juan Cuéllar, Guillermo Peñalver Fernández, [...]

BERLIN. Aitor Ortíz “Expanded Photography 2002 – 2018” 28 september 2019 – 11 january 2020. Galerie Springer.

In the exhibition Expanded Photography 2002–2018, Galerie Springer Berlin is showing three different work cycles by the Basque artist Aitor Ortiz in which traditional photographic boundaries are surpassed in surprising and fascinating ways. Beyond the documentary photography of architecture and industry, and asserting the [...]

BARCELONA. Juan Uslé “Unsettled” 10 october – 28 december 2019. Joan Prats Gallery.

It is a pleasure to present Juan Uslé's fourth solo exhibition at Galeria Joan Prats, titled 'Unsettled', which shows his latest paintings and photographs. "Unsettled" means unstable, but also variable, restless, something that includes opposites, or a paradox. In Uslé's paintings, the stripes of [...]