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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

BARCELONA. Aurèlia Muñoz “Knotting the Space” 24 october 2019 – 1st april 2020. Museo Nacional de Arte.

A notable group of works by Aurèlia Muñoz (Barcelona, 1926-2011) will be entering the Museu Nacional, which will enable us to see the diversity and the originality of her techniques and the coherence and intensity of her poetics. The artist’s family has donated seven [...]

LISBON. Lucía Vallejo “E as veias correm…” 15 november 2019 – 11 january 2020. Casa-Museu Medeiros e Almeida.

Lucía Vallejo was born in Bilbao in 1975. Sculptor and art historian. Her artwork is regularly exhibited in galleries and international art fairs like ARCO, Art Cologne or Pulse New York, ZONAMACO, among others. She has worked with Maior art gallery for a decade, and with Distrito4 [...]

MADRID. Esteban Vicente ”Works from 1953 to 1996” 27 november 2029 – 18 january 2020. Galería Elvira González.

The show brings together a selection of thirty works developed over the course of four decades and gathers paintings, collages and drawings. This is the gallery’s eleventh exhibition dedicated to Esteban Vicente, an artist who is intimately related to Elvira González. Born in Turégano, [...]

LISBON. Eva Armisén “The New Life” 30 november 2019 – 10 january 2020. Galería Arte Periférica.

“The new life” is a solo exhibition by contemporary Spanish artist Eva Armisén whose paintings, drawings, and etchings have the capacity to transform each day into a unique occasion. Eva Armisén brings something that goes almost beyond definition: an affirmation of life that vetoes [...]

ROME “Dialoghi – Joan Fontcuberta and Paolo Gioli”, october 25th 2019 – january 18th 2020. Galleria dell Cembalo.

Paolo Gioli (Sarzano, Rovigo, 1942) and Joan Fontcuberta (Barcelona, 1955) have always shared an experimental approach towards the research on Nature and photographic images. Adopting different procedures and tecniques, the artists put in discussion the conventional photography’ schemes, developing an approach that leads them [...]

BARCELONA. Ignasi Aballí “Without Image” 29 november 2019 – 12 april 2020. Blueproject Foundation.

"Words are all we have".Samuel Beckett Without image is basically composed of two elements, distinctive but at the same time completely related. On the one hand, an architectural intervention that alters the perception of the exhibition space and movement through it, while remaining completely integrated [...]