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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

BERLIN. Milena Aguilar and Tahiche Díaz “About Nature” 11 – 21 september 2019. PlanetArt – Festival of Nature. NABU, Kühlhaus Berlin.

The Kühlhaus Berlin will open its doors for eleven days during Artweek Berlin to let art and nature meet. More than 30 artists from Spain, Germany, Russia, Norway, Central Asia, Zimbabwe and many other countries will impress visitors, showing how unique, beautiful and fragile [...]

BIELEFELD. Germán Gómez “Travel Notices” september 21 – november 02 2019. Samuelis Baumgarte Galerie.

The work of Germán Gómez (b.Gijón, Spain 1972), of a marked autobiographical character, starts from photography to portray in a complex way, fruit of the mixture of several techniques, the identity of the human being. His own experiences, the people who surround his life [...]

PHILADELPHIA. Jaume Plensa “Talking Continents” september 28 – december 8, 2019. Arthur Ross Gallery.

Jaume Plensa (Spanish, b. 1955) is one of the world’s foremost living sculptors. He is widely known for large-scale public artworks and more intimate and meditative installations that aim to unify people through connections of spirituality, the body, and shared memory. Talking Continents is a [...]

NEW YORK. Rafa Macarrón “: Fluorescent Routine” 5 september – 20 october 2019. Allouche Gallery.

Each of Rafa Macarron’s pieces embody mysticism, invitation, and provocation. Characters with five thumbed hands are mixed with proper canon and proportion. A strange cyclops rests by the pool, chastened, defending his cave while the wisps of smoke that surround him constantly look for a way [...]

MILAN. Daniel Steegmann Mangrané “A Leaf-Shaped Animal Draws The Hand” 11 september 2019 – 19 january 2020. Pirelli HangarBicocca.

The work of Daniel Steegmann Mangrané (Barcelona, 1977; lives and works in Rio de Janeiro) ponders on the relationship between culture and nature. The artist’s interest in biology has led him to analyze complex ecological systems and introduce the natural world into his works. [...]

BEIJING. Alberto Reguera, Arturo Bernet, Lita Cabellut, José Manuel León and Jorge R. Pombo “Beijing 8th Art Biennale” 30 august – 23 september 2019. NAMOC MUSEUM.

Initiated in 2002, Beijing International Art Biennale, China (BIAB), jointly sponsored by CFLAC, Beijing Municipal Government and China Artists Association, has witnessed a consecutive success in its seven sessions. Altogether over 4000 artists from more than 100 countries as well as over a million [...]