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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

NEW YORK. Jorge Otero-Pailos and Gabriela Albergaria “Nature’s Afterlives” november 13 – december 20, 2019. SAPAR Contemporary.

Nature’s Afterlives is the first shared exhibition of Gabriela Albergaria (Portugal/UK) and Jorge Otero-Pailos (Spain/US). This exhibition brings together two artists whose work focuses on Nature and the associated themes of growth and decay, history and memory, continuity and change. Albergaria’s large-scale drawings and [...]

SINGAPORE. Lita Cabellut “The Echo of the Masters” 15 november – 1st december 2019. Opera Gallery.

Opera Gallery Singapore is delighted to announce the opening of our latest exhibition The Echo of the Masters by the remarkable Spanish contemporary artist, Lita Cabellut. To round-up our 25th anniversary celebrations, the solo exhibition will be held from the 15th of November to the 1st of December 2019, [...]

LONDON. Alan Sastre “Empty Sea and Cavern” 8 november 2019 – 3 january 2020. We Collect Gallery

‘Empty Sea and Cavern’ is the first solo show of Alan Sastre in London, he shows a selection of his two latest series of works. On one hand a series of monochrome canvases that offer the shade of one of the possible ways of [...]

LISBON. Daniel Canogar “Teratologies, 2001” 1st november – 8 december 2019. Museo Nacional de Arte Contemporánea do Chiado.

Daniel Canogar (Madrid, 1964) is one of the most important international artists in the field of multimedia arts and a pioneer in the use of new digital languages ​​that for over 25 years have embodied an extensive and continuous path. There is a richness of [...]

LONDON. Ana Pallares “Eternal Life. The thin line between life and death” 31st October- 24th November 2019. Hundred Years Gallery.

Ana Pallares painted her own burial at the age of nineteen. In this dramatic scene, she included her family: her mother, her father, her sister…all of them screaming in a terrifying choir of deep sorrow, the priest in the background rolling his eyes up to [...]

BERLIN. Anaïs Senli “The Heavy Air That Surrounds Us” 1 november 2019 – 12 january 2020. Galerie im Turm.

Microscopic beings moving with the ocean currents are generally referred to as plankton. They are scarcely recognisable by the human eye, but the cycle of life cannot be imagined without them. They are the essential foundation of the food chain of marine ecosystems, and [...]