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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

LONDON. Enrique Brinkmann “A very human rationality” 29 November 2019 – 8 February 2020. Rosenfeld Porcini gallery.

The intense responses which the artworks of both Enrique Brinkmann and Verónica Vázquez conjure up in us relate to one of the principle dilemmas which govern our lives: the need for order, whilst contemporaneously nurturing a primal desire for freedom. The evident sense of [...]

MADRID. Nacho Martín Silva “Woodworm in Lumber” 16 november 2019 – 25 january 2020. Max Estrella gallery.

Max Estrella is pleased to present Nacho Martin Silva’s (Madrid, 1977) most recent work. Titled Woodworm in Lumber, this is his first exhibition at the gallery after joining Max Estrella’s roster. Three large-format paintings work as the show’s central axis and serve as a narrative [...]

St. PETERSBURG. Jaume Plensa “Carlota” 8 october 2019 – 12 april 2020. The Great Courtyard of the Winter Palace.

Jaume Plensa was born in Barcelona in 1955. He graduated from the Llotja Advanced School of Art and Design and the Royal Academy (Sant Jordi) in the city. The artist’s first personal exhibition took place in 1980 at the Fundació Joan Miró. Plensa is [...]

SALZBURG. Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz “A Mind of Winter” 30 november 2019 – 26 april 2020. Museum der Moderne Salzburg.

The artists Walter Martin (1953 Norfolk, VA, US—Milford, PA, US) and Paloma Muñoz (1965 Madrid, ES—Milford, PA, US), who have been partners in life and work since 1993, have risen to renown with photographs and sculptures showing surreal landscape dioramas featuring absurd and bizarre [...]

TOULON “Picasso & the Mediterranean Landscape” 15 november 2019 – 23 february 2020. Musée des Beaux-Arts.

This exhibition will focus on Picasso’s Mediterranean landscapes from the period when he lived in Southern France and the French Riviera The exhibition will showcase around twenty Pablo Picasso landscapes. In addition, there will be paintings of the same area in Southern France painted [...]

HONG KONG. Javier Calleja “I did, I do, I will do” 15 november – 21 december 2019. AishoNanzuka Gallery.

Javier Calleja intervenes in the space of the AishoNanzuka Gallery, distributed on different height levels, to locate two large-format sculptures, which are the true central thread of this exhibition, and which will be accompanied by 8 canvases and 15 drawings of different sizes. The [...]