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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

GÖTEBORG. Ibon Aranberri and Elena Aitzkoa “GIBCA’s Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art”. 7 september – 17 november 2019.

GIBCA's  central motif and method is the notion of “entanglement” and proposes to imagine the world outside the binaries and structural separations imposed by modernity. What images and narratives might reveal the inseparability and non-negotiable dependency of all of us on each other and [...]

LYON. ESCIF & n3m3da “MULE” 18 september 2019 – 5 january 2020. 15th Biennial of Contemporary Art of Lyon.

The Biennale de Lyon is an international contemporary art event taking place every two years in Lyon and its Metropolis, France. It is built around the international exhibition, an inescapable artistic event that gathers about 60 worldwide artists to show their creations at the [...]

MADRID. Aitor Ortiz “La memoria trazadora” 12 september – 8 november 2019. Galería Max Estrella.

Beyond the documentary photography of architecture and industry, and asserting the dilution factor and transmutation of reality that is associated with the photographic representation, Aitor Ortiz works with space, architecture and object as starting elements to a number of visual and cognitive unknowns. His [...]

NEW YORK. Miguel Ángel García “BETWIXT AND BETWEEN” 12 september – 19 october 2019. Laurence Miller Gallery.

Brexit.  Global Warming. Immigration. Identity.  Fake News …These are among the controversial issues today that exemplify the idea of being betwixt and between  -  for many, liberating concepts; for others,  deeply troubling, perhaps life threatening concepts. Our next exhibition, BETWIXT AND BETWEEN, featuring over 40 photographs [...]

BRUSSELS. Ángel Castillo Perona “Impressions and contrasts” 19 september – 21 november 2019. Embajada de España.

Ángel Castillo Perona was born in Madrid (1975) and moved to Brussels in 2006. Already with a good eye for photography, it was in this new city that he developed his strong passion for the art of photography, developing and perfecting techniques which combined [...]

BERLIN. Núria Fuster “Chrono Matter- Objects are closer than they appear” 7 september – 2 november 2019. Efremidis Gallery.

For her second presentation in the gallery, Núria Fuster has created an ambitious multi-dimensional universe, where movement, sound, and objects interrelate. Different notions of time intersect and are revealed in ‘CHRONO-MATTER – Objects are closer than they appear’. Fuster’s objects exist on their own [...]