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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

LISBON. Antonio Ballester Moreno “Planetas” 19 september – 9 november 2019. Pedro Cera Gallery.

The works of Antonio Ballester Moreno point to a world of primary colours and childish forms where materials like unprocessed jute or clay yield an oeuvre of singular beauty and austere shapes. Ballester Moreno’s artistic practice is a convergence of various themes, including that of the [...]

LONDON. Leonor Serrano Rivas “Above the Eye Level” 13 september – 19 october 2019. Arcade Gallery.

Engaging with non-hierarchical systems and non-academic methods of (un)learning, Leonor Serrano Rivas begins with historical fonts that relate to the theory of theatre, allowing herself to be seduced by interpretation and free association. Thoughts concatenate one from the other opposing framing and categorisation as [...]

ISTANBUL. Evru/Zush “The Seventh Continent.16th Istanbul Biennial” 14th September – 10th November. Pera Museum.

The theme of the biennial, curated by French curator, author and academic Nicolas Bourriaud; is The Seventh Continent. Pera Museum will be transformed into an anthropology museum of parallel worlds — a place for faux-archeology and artists who reinvent history. As part of the Istanbul Biennial, [...]

CAMBRIDGE. Albano Hernández “Voyage” Del 20 september 2019 – 25 june 2020. Centre for Languages and Inter-Communication.

The exhibition "Voyage", by the Spanish artist Albano Hernández, joins the pictorial language with the linguistic expression. The artworks delve deeper into the limits of writing as a pictorial expression. The purpose of this creation is to fly between the rigor of the word [...]

BARCELONA. Laia Estruch “Crawl” 20 september – 8 december 2019. Espai 13. Fundació Joan Miró.

Laia Estruch works with the voice as an extension of the body that can combine issues linked to language, gender and social structures. In Crawl they come together in a swimming pool: an unstable setting that becomes a laboratory for sound experiments. This project [...]

MOSCOW. Juan Genovés “Crowds” 5 september – 13 october 2019. The Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

The project will feature about 90 works exploring the theme of crowd during different periods of Juan Genovés (b Valencia 1930) artistic journey: first, within the context of political struggle against the dictatorial regime of Francisco Franco (1960-70s), then through the transitional period that led to the establishment of Spanish democracy. [...]