BARCELONA. Alicia Kopf “Speculative intimacy” 13 june – 31 july 2019. Joan Prats gallery.

After her first solo exhibition Seal Sounds Under the Floor in 2013, Alicia Kopf will present at the gallery her new project, Speculative intimacy.

Her investigations have the particularity to generate materials in the field of visual arts and litterature in parallel to each other. The new show will present drawings, videos, sculpture but also performance.

Alicia Kopf (Girona, 1982) lives and works in Barcelona. From the exercise of drawing and writing, Alicia Kopf reflects on apparently individual issues that have become generational concerns.

The expressive dimension of her work is related to her studies in Fine Arts and Comparative Literature, studies that allow her to get closer to subjects as diverse as poor housing or the epic of polar exploration from a position that combines both awe and ironic distance.

Alicia Kopf’s work arises from a metaphor, which allows her to perform an analytic exercise that will finally lead to different associations. Thus, in her project Articantàrtic, from the appropriation and the reshaping of graphical and narrative documents, Alicia Kopf turns a historical account into a first person narrative concerning resistance, obsession and the idea of conquest. (Joan Prats press-release)

GALERIA JOAN PRATS. C.Balmes, 54 – 08007 Barcelona, Spain

Image: Alicia Kopf  “Speculative intimacy”. Galería Joan Prats