LISBON. Gema Rupérez “Latitude” 23 may – 31 july 2019. ACERVO Contemporary Art.

The history of the Greenwich meridian is a history of scientific, commercial and political convention, and above all a history of struggle for hegemonic power.

“Latitude” oscillates between what the “first meridian” means, the exploration of the landscapes that sustain it, and a feeling of emotional belonging, to speak of the desire for survival, of emotional belonging and the dystopias of contemporary society.

Each work corresponds to an intervention developed in the province of Aragon along the Meridian, which crosses it, constructing a visual topology that relates anthropology, in its field of social structure, with the individual experience of the artist. An artistic approach to the demographic deserts in the territory that values ​​void as a creative element and reflects on wastelands as performative stenographies, rethinking imaginary lines as contingent constructions and opposing them to to the primitive nature, so as to to provoke a debate around the human dimension the territories, of inter – subjective spaces and of frontiers.

ACERVO. Rua do Machadinho, 1 – Lisboa

Image: Gema Rupérez