KHOLN. Ignacio Llamas and Héctor Garrido “Tiny Giants”10 – 30 may 2019. 100 Kubik Galerie.

The exhibition “Tiny giants” in the Galerie 100 Kubik, within the framework of the Photoszene Festival in Cologne, allows two very different photographers to dialogue with each other: Ignacio Llamas (*1970, Toledo) and Héctor Garrido (*1969, Huelva).

Both deal with different motifs: while Llamas stages spaces characterized by light and silence, Garrido presents the world from a bird’s eye view. The contrasting aspect of the approaches of the two photographers lies in their perspective. Llamas carefully creates his compositions himself, first shaping the elements represented in them, such as chairs, trees or suitcases, with his own hands. These miniature sculptures appear later in the photographs, much larger than they actually are, because the viewer loses the sense of size.

Garrido, for his part, represents immense landscapes that show us nature from a perspective that is beyond the reach of the human eye. Through distance, great things suddenly appear tiny, like the miniature models of Llamas. At the same time the effect of abstraction is achieved and the fractal structures of the earth, which would not normally be perceived otherwise, become visible.

In the exhibition, these inverted proportions are juxtaposed and the viewer is asked to reconsider his point of view. The play of perspectives and modes of representation reveals the whims of perception and at the same time opens up new worlds. (100 Kubik press-release)

Galería 100 Kubik. Mohrenstr. 21 50670 Colonia. Alemania

Image: Ignacio Llamas