BERLIN. Rosa Pascual “LOST” 3 – 24 may 2019. Instituto Cervantes.

Thousands of cases of Stolen Children in Spain between the forties and early nineties.

Children, mothers, siblings. Some looking for one another, others not knowing they exist, and others that will never be able to find them.

For the past 27 years Rosa Pascual has been working mostly between London and Barcelona as a multidisciplinary artist and a creative director for various arts and cultural organisations, and lately also in Finland, Berlin, and the inspiring and artistic area of Empordà in Girona.

Her work is conceptual and visually based, due to her photography, video, and theatre design background; with a high interest in space, movement, and sound; from installations, to video and life performance; thriving in collaborating with other art forms and artists as a way of expansion and discovery.

After working all this time within the art’s world, she wants to reach out to communities and people with an interest in exploring, by setting projects aiming at having a collective sharing of the creative process, where participants become artists themselves and experience the journey as well as the end result, which can be only determined by the conjunction of each individual’s input, unknown.

Collective co-creations where gender, age nor background are a barrier, where everyone comes together and the art work is originated from the same fabric from which our reality is made off. So everyone turns into an artist in their own life as well as others’.

Instituto Cervantes (Berlín)  Rosenstr. 18. 10178 Berlin (Alemania)

Image: Lost. Rosa Pasual