MOSCOW. Alberto García-Alix “Fierce Expressionism” 12 April 2019 — 12 May 2019. Multimedia Art Museum.

As part of the XI Moscow International Biennale ‘Fashion and Style in Photography-2019’ the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow presents an exhibition by one of the most celebrated contemporary Spanish photographers — ‘Fierce Expressionism’ by Alberto García-Alix.

In 1999 he was winner of the Spanish National Photography Award. His work is included in the collections of major museums in Spain, Europe and the USA, and his exhibitions have travelled worldwide.

Alberto García-Alix is a rebel and ‘eternal hooligan’, as he calls himself. The exhibition ‘Fierce Expressionism’ brings together photographs imbued with the spirit of existential freedom, all created between 2007 and 2018.

‘Before your eyes, with the breath of opera and the soul of circus, is the fury of my anarchy. Fierce expressionism,’ explains the photographer.

Alberto García-Alix was born into the family of a doctor in 1956, in León (Spain). At the age of twenty he left home, quit college and bought his first camera after failing to live up to his parents’ expectations for a respectable future. The beginning of his photographic career coincided with the birth of the La Movida movement, which arose after the death of the dictator Franco in 1975. Liberation from the totalitarian regime provided an impulse for the development of alternative art that affected music, poetry, painting, cinema and photography.

It can be said that the formation of Alberto García-Alix’s unique and recognisable style actually took place on the streets of Madrid by night. He wandered round the city, seized by the euphoria of unprecedented freedom, encountered different people and told their stories in the first person, living and experiencing them together with his subjects. The artist’s work is largely autobiographical. He was always drawn to informal, unbridled and unrestrained natures akin to his own. In the images of Alberto García-Alix we see people and events that aroused his curiosity and excitement, the desire at a certain moment in time to be on the same wavelength.

The photos of Alberto García-Alix are expressive and direct. Balancing on the borderline of the permissible, he explores the power and depth of human emotions, while at the same time managing to create works filled with true humanism.

In this new project Alberto García-Alix examines the nature of expressiveness, relying on his own emotions and intuition. ‘These images are fragments of my own imagination,’ says the artist. With the support of: Embassy of Spain in the Russian Federation, Instituto Cervantes de Moscú
Strategic partner of the museum: PIK. Curators: Ricardo Ramón Jarne and Alberto García-Alix. (MAMM press-release)

Multimedia Art Museum. ul. Ostozhenka, 16. Moscow, 119034

Image: Alberto García Alix