LONDON. Rosana Antolí. The Kick Inside, The Loop Outside” 2–5 May and 9–12 May 2019. Tate Modern.

Join Spanish artist Rosana Antolí as she transforms Tate Exchange into an immersive and participatory space exploring ideas around ecology and biology in relation to art and choreography.

The Kick Inside, The Loop Outside is based on the figure of Turritopsis dohrnii, the immortal jellyfish. Turritopsis dohrnii is a new point of interest for the artist as part of her continuous investigation around the concept of repetition and the ‘infinite loop’. Using performance, installation, sound, sculpture, painting and video, this project explores biological motion and its connection to human identity, experience and behaviour.

Throughout this project, Tate Exchange will be in continuous transformation. There will be daily screenings and performances, live installations, and participatory workshops. Visitors are encouraged to take an active role and participate in the space, experimenting with and questioning their own everyday movements.

Free drop-in workshops take place everyday at 13.00, with daily performances beginning at 17.00. The Kick Inside, The Loop Outside is co-curated by Trâm Nguyễn and Luisa Ulyett.

Rosana Antolí’s practice examines the role of social choreography and movement in relation to visual art. She is specifically interested in the poetics of everyday actions through repetition and the connection rhythms in urban spaces and the geographical gestures of the body. Rosana works between drawing, sculpture, video, performance and installation. Her works have recently been exhibited at Centre Pompidou (2018), Artium Vitoria Museum (2017), BBVA Foundation (2017), The Ryder Projects Gallery (2017), Joan Miro Foundation Museum (2016) and more. (Tate Modern press-release)

Tate Modern, Tate Exchange. Bankside. London SE1 9TG

Image: Rosana Antolí