MADRID. Daniel Verbis “Cross – Dressing” 30 march – 25 may 2019. Galería Pilar Serra.

For the second time Daniel Verbis (León, 1968) is exhibiting at the Pilar Serra Gallery, this time presenting his work ‘Cross-Dressing’. According to Verbis, in art when some things masquerade as others, the unexplainable is being materialised, or in other words, the fact that nothing is fixed is being shown, where the meaning of the work, however it is attempted, is not subject to the strict mandate of reason and that the sense is fluid, alterable, mutable, with the idea that what is said is done, but at other times what is said is not done. Ideas and words are little flags that we fly as deemed appropriate, but which finally, are blown away by the wind. In this business of the meaning of art either extremes (a is capital A) or simplifications (A is A, B means B) dominate. However, it is true that a work of art does not resist its complete nakedness and it has to be dressed with one discourse or another – regarding resistance, sacrifice, luxury, discipline, literality, novelty, saintliness, pain…, or what is much worse, calculated social relevance. Although Verbis makes his works with complete independence, certain correspondences may be established that make his works go a little further beyond their immediate plasticity, reaching a certain systemic interest. (Pilar Serra press-release)

Galería Pilar Serra. Santa Engracia, 6 – Bajo Centro. 28010 Madrid, España

Image: Daniel Verbis