OTEGEM (Belgium) Enrique Marty “All your World is Pointless” 6 february – 10 march 2019. Deweer Gallery.

The seventh solo exhibition of Spanish artist Enrique Marty (b. 1969) at Deweer Gallery ‘All your World is Pointless’ takes the viewer on an audio-visual trip through the absurdity of human existence and the way in which we ourselves deal with it, laced with Marty’s typical sense of self-reflection and surreal humour, and numerous references to psychology, philosophy and history. Using a wide range of artistic devices, ranging from hyperrealistic puppets, bronze sculptures, remarkable paintings, and collages to animated films, Enrique Marty depicts himself, his friends/family as well as figures from history and Greek mythology as tragicomic, symbolic extras in a grotesque epic. To fashion the faces and limbs of the dolls, Enrique Marty experimented for the first time with silicone, which feels soft and lifelike to the touch.

An undercurrent/obsession in the works of Enrique Marty is the relationship between the observer and the observed. The basis of this obsession originates in an anecdote: a man who is observing – and possibly also judging – an obese, strangely dressed man in a train, is simultaneously observed and judged by Enrique Marty, who ultimately notices that he too is being observed. In short, people looking at others and making their own judgment based on their own perspective. In Marty’s intense universe, it all comes together, in a melting pot filled with dreams, melodrama and exaggeration.

Deweer Gallery. Tiegemstraat 6A. 8553 Otegem. Belgium



Image: Enrique Marty