BARCELONA. Josep Guinovart “Transformed reality” 24 january – 19 may 2019. Espais Volart

The exhibition, curated by Llucià Homs, provides fresh insights into Guinovart’s artistic discourse while considering the fact that today, ten years after his death, he still connects with new generations of critics and curators, with works displaying immense topicality.  The exhibition directs its attention to the artist’s capacity for transforming reality while constantly reinventing himself.  The conceptual thread running through the various sections of the exhibition was derived from the fact that Guinovart, via his output, journeyed from the local and primordial to the universal and infinite.

The exhibition, although not strictly speaking a retrospective, contains some of the most significant pieces from the different periods spanning the artist’s entire career.  Similarly, the exhibition is not set out chronologically but ventures into the leafy thicket of the artist’s creativity, jumping here and there from techniques to periods to materials, to provide in the end an extraordinarily coherent view of this artist who is vital to the Catalan avant-guard art of the second half of the twentieth century. (Espai Volart press-release)

Espais Volart.  C/ Ausias Marc, 22. 08010 Barcelona

Image: Fundació Vilacasas