ALBI (Fr) Oriol Vilanova “Trois Chambres” 26 january – 31 march. Centre d’art Le LAIT

This event is a personal exhibition dedicated to the work of Oriol Vilanova. It will be composed of a group of new works, entirely produced for the exhibition, and presented at the centre   d’art  Le LAIT for the first time.

For the exhibition at centre d’art Le LAIT, entitled Trois Chambres (Three Rooms), Oriol Vilanova presents a part of his postcard collection with a new site-specific display. He has constructed three structures – inspired by the famous dioramas developed from the beginning of the 19th Century – for the space at Hôtel Rochegude, a 19th Century old library, converted as contemporary exhibition space. These new rooms function as theatrical scenes, with specific points of view, and establish a certain distance between the public and the collection. Each room assembles a thousand of postcards. Repetition and difference. Mass production, mass consumption and mass society. Each diorama is dedicated to a single subject. They are named as: The Chromatic Room: Night; The Figurative Room: Cats; The Interior Room: Interior empty restaurants. Those dioramas are a reminiscence of the popular 19th Century attractions. A juxtaposition of subjects. The night as colour, the cats as a living presence, and the interior restaurants as a mysterious waiting spaces. (AC/E press-release)

Centre d’art Le LAIT – Carré Public. 6 rue Jules Rolland 81000 Albi

Image: Oriol Vilanova