BRATISLAVA. Cabello Carceller “Queer Stories” 1 december 2018 – 16 march 2019.

The international group exhibition addresses queer identity as a still under-represented social category, often associated with stereotypical thinking and social exclusion. The concept of queer goes beyond LGBTIQ identities as it challenges and questions personal or assigned identities. Thereby it addresses power relations, post-colonial discourses as well as discriminatory (sexual) politics. Queerness has become a decisive point of departure in contemporary art practice and cultural production implicating the necessity of societal change. The exhibition presents an international selection of artists whose practices deal with queer histories / herstories / stories.

Participating artists: Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz, Cabello/Carceller, Anna Daučíková, Robert Gabris, Ana Hoffner, Ivan Jurica, Toni Schmale.. Curated by: Christiane Erharter Beskydská 12. Bratislava. 811 05 . Slovakia

Image: Cabello/ Carceller.