KÖLN. Ignacio Llamas “Silences of light” 27th of january – 5th of april 2019. 100 Kubik Gallery.

Ignacio Llamas (b. Toledo 1970) graduated from the University Complutense of Madrid (UCM) in fine arts after he had finished his education by forming part of artist’s studios, such as Luís Gordillo’s, Musuo Miura’s, Jaime Lorente’s or Gerardo Aparicio’s. He realized his first individual exhibition in the beginning of the 1990s and since then constantly presents his work in different galleries, museums and artspaces throughout Europe, North- and Southamerica. Also, he regularly takes part in national and international contemporary art fairs.
2002 he moves from the plane on to the space. His white rooms reflecting great intimacy are getting vividly stimulated by trees, silence and a matting light, which depicts the idea of human transcendency through its shadows. Light and space portray the main focuses of his work.
Since 2009 he concerns himself with photographies of his self-created architectural spaces by maintaining his own artistic approaches. Meanwhile, his white spaces slowly changed into grey. The results of this development show the expansion of his own spaces which is also accompanied by the settlement of nearby spaces. (100 Kubik press-release)

GALERIE 100 KUBIK. Raum für spanische kunst. Mohren Str. 21. 50670 Köln



Image: Ignacio Llamas. Soledades XIV. Impresión digital sobre papel de algodón. 2015