MADRID. Cristina de Middel “Milana del Toboso” 2 june – 27 de july 2018. Galería Juana de Aizpuru

When the borders are underscored the time has come to ask what is it that is so valuable that it allows no mixture. Amongst the multiple and tendentious definitions of nation, country or homeland, we seem to juggle with notions that go beyond the geographical and historical terms and that appeal to our feelings, our pride, our memories and even our idea of honor. Everywhere now the idea of “National identity” is used and abused for its political effectiveness.

“Milana del Toboso” is a critical study of the Spanish identity in times where the air is hard to breath. It is an invitation to discover the country without any historical or cultural conditioning proposing a relaxation of the extreme positionings by reducing them to absurd. Something that is also very typical Spanish. Cristina de Middel, June, 2018

Cristina de Middel was born in 1975 in Alicante to Spanish and Belgian parents, she has studied at the Polytecnic University of Valencia and Barcelona Autónoma University. Her artistic and commercial breakthrough came in 2012 with The Afronauts, a self-published photo book and exhibition documenting Zambia’s little-known and short-lived 1964 space programme. Her other projects include Poly Spam (2009) and Sharkification (2016).(Juana de Aizpuru press-release)

Galería Juana de Aizpuru. C/Barquillo 44-1º. 28004 Madrid

Image: Cristina de Middel “Milana del Toboso”