NEW YORK. Berena Álvarez Fernández “Infirmis” 16 may – 9 de june 2018. Instituto Cervantes

Berena Álvarez Fernández’s showing of Infirmes introduces us to a classic art topic, especially in photography: the identity. Marcel Duchamp had already marked a precedent when he was photographed by Man Ray as a dame named Rose Selavy. Today, questioning identity and challenging the imposed cultural norms, continues to be an inexhaustible topic of reflection and exploration for many of our creators. On this occasion the artist parts from the foucauldian idea, which states that every individual is a result of social construction. And she chooses the iconography of portraiture as a vehicle to share her reflections and invite us to question who we really are and those who have told us what we are.

In this exhibition, the photos do not look to establish a correlation with a real face, they are not real portraits in that sense. They are neither looking for an exact reference, an object of representation. It is more so the record of a movement, an attempt to move away from the rationality that tries to overtake it. That image is a new reality that aspires to liberate itself, even if momentarily, of all regulating techniques, or what would be the same, of all imposed social norms and categories. This positioning reveals an artistic conception of emancipation rooted in the line of thought of Theodor W. Adorno. (I. Cervantes press-release)

Instituto Cervantes (Nueva York) . 211 East 49th Street. 10017 Nueva York (ESTADOS UNIDOS)

Image: Infirmis Berena Álvarez Fernández