LONDON. “Urban photography: A tale of 5 cities” 11 may – 6 july 2018. Spanish House. Clapham North Art Centre

The exhibiting photographers: Felipe Scheffel, Nuria Espuis, Jose Luis Barcia, Julia Eme, David Izkierdo, Nacho Rivera e Irene Herrero offer us their particular vision of different cities. Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Granada or London are all represented in this show.

The photographs represent buildings, significant spaces, scenes of everyday life, anonymous people or abandoned landscapes. The artists immerse us in their particular worlds and reflect on themes like cultural diversity, social identity or the relationship of people with the space around them. Through the use of lights, shadows and colours the photographers capture passing moments that get frozen in time, moments that reflect their own emotions ready to then be completed by the spectator.

Different techniques are represented in this exhibition. Felipe Scheffel’s photographs are all digital but apart from the dust sensor have not been touched up at all. In Felipe Scheffel’s photographs the use of geometry and proportion is essential and takes inspiration from great masters of photography such as André Kertész , Alfred Stieglitz or Berenice Abbot.

Jose Luis Barcia is an incredibly talented photographer that takes all his pictures with an iphone. Apart from the native camera app he uses other apps like Pro Camera for shooting or Cameramatic for the high contrast black and white filter.  His awe-inspiring high contrast street photos won him second place for Photographer of the Year in the 2014 iPhone Photography Awards.

Nacho Rivera, on the other hand, takes all his pictures with the old, analogue camera. He started taking digital photographs but about 8 years ago he started being interested by analogue, bought a Hasselblad and the rest is history. He also develops his pictures himself. He is fascinated by the darkness of the laboratory, the smell of the chemicals or the waiting time until the image starts coming up on paper.

Some of the photographers and the gallerist will be at the event and they will talk about the collection of photographs being presented at this exhibition. The exhibition will be opened to the public until the 6th of July. During this time it can be visited by appointment only. (Luna 13 press-release)

Spanish House London. Clapham North Art Centre 26-32 Voltaire Road Clapham, London SW4 6DH

Luna13 Galeria

Image: Felipe Scheffel