BRASILIA. Javier Hirschfeld Moreno “The Sheltering Pixel” 12 april – 5 may 2018. Instituto Cervantes

The Sheltering Pixel by artist, Javier Hirschfeld Moreno (b. 1979 Malaga, Spain) is a refreshing iconoclastic photographic project in which the artist proposes to “make people aware of the double-standards in image and representation”. Hirschfeld disrupts the natural order of image production by making carefully considered portraits of Senegalese youths and then edits; not by enhancing the aesthetic visual quality rather he denatures with equal contemplation each image file by pixelating the eyes, the very soul of every portrait ever taken. It is through the eyes that emotion and essence are translated into portraiture and we are deprived of this visual information. It is brutal and magnificent.

Instituto Cervantes (Brasilia) Seps 707/907 – Lote D – ASA SUL. 70390-078 Brasilia (BRASIL)

Image: Javier Hirschfeld. The Sheltering Pixel