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Foto: B. Mora

SYDNEY. Julio Castellano, HULES “White Lies #1” Platform 72

September 25, 2013


PLATFORM72 presents Dirty Little Secrets in the Oxford Art Factory Art Bar. Showcasing the collaborative work of over 30 creatives featuring artists, musicians, photographers, DJs, VJs, performance artists and film makers. Spanish street artist HULES will be showing a selection of recent work. HULES has a trademark style of bright pop characters
The works explore the relationships between our private and public self, our inner turmoils and shiny facades. Our personal secrets exposed globally and the cathartic release of a confession experience. Artists: Dylan Demarchi, Victoria Garcia, HULES, Mr French, Olivia Roseberry, Nicci Haynes, Hashes to Ashes by Johannes Muljana & Pamela Lee Brenner (Projection)
Platform72, 72 Oxford Street. Darlinghurst,NSW,2010. Australia

Image: HULES