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Foto: B. Mora

BEIJING. Diana Coca “No Gap: Manifest and Hidden” Times Art Museum

19 – 28 Julio, 2013


The exhibition presents three pieces Diana Coca (Palma de Mallorca 1977). Umbilical series and the Lost birds flying in a cage, a tribute to the Chinese poet Li Bai (701-762), romantic poet of the Tang Dynasty . Umbilical is one of the most personal projects of the author, conducted during the summer 2012 floods in China, which left dozens dead and thousands evacuated. The Mallorcan artist, who experienced firsthand the natural disaster from the Chinese capital, she felt compelled to immortalize all the scenes of chaos and confusion of which he was witness. According to the artist, it is a "physical confrontation with fear", represented by the dirty, stagnant water wanging Park, located in a suburb north of Beijing. It is precisely where the artist bathes to purify and heal.

Since 2002 I investigate female identity reconstruction, through performative self-portraits, I focus on the violence of the fragmented body and the conflict between the body as a biological organism and the taboos around it. Fatally, it is always in our body where desire and law are struggling, where we oscillate between being carried away by the passions and be subjects, fighting between obscenity and compliance with the standards that shape the self in society. I am very interested this, the relationship between us as biological organism and the conventions built around it, the bitter conflict between society and the individual, between public and private, especially in contemporary China, where the concept of individuality is new after years of domination by the collective. My work tools are the photographic camera, video and performance, with which I construct narratives in audiovisual format, where the body and its struggles are the main characters. I am also interested in putting together ethics and aesthetics in the artistic language, with analytical disciplines as philosophy, history, feminism, psychoanalysis, art theory, as well as other cinematographic, mythological & literary creations. (Diana Coca)

Times Art Museum. F35-37 D Block, CITC Plaza, No.6 Jianwai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Image: Diana Coca