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BERLIN. Santiago Ydáñez. “Rastros”. 2 – 31 march 2018. Galerie Martin Mertens

Santiago’s self-portraits are especially expressive. They are based on a photo series in which he is seen in a snowy landscape with his face covered in white cream. These paintings examine the primal origins of human nature. They depict the animal in the human. [...]

FRANKFURT. Secundino Hernández. “New Paintings” march 10 — april 28 2018. Galerie Bärbel Grässlin

Hernández is known for his expressive paintings, deriving from the premise of figurative expression and abstract expressionism. The youthful energy of Secundino Hernández’s paintings has captured worldwide attention. Somewhere between figuration and abstraction, Hernández’s works are powerful in its insistence to lead the gaze across [...]

NEW YORK. Hugo Fontela. ”Nowhere Island” 14 march – 14 april. 2018 Marlborugh Gallery

Each of Hugo Fontela’s recent seascapes portrays an island at the center of its composition. These present and mysterious rock formations inhabit a space that is difficult to define.  Whether agitated or tranquil, the surrounding sea, like the island itself, is entirely imaginary.  In [...]

BARCELONA. Xavier Miserachs. “Unexpected epilogue” 16 march – 15 july 2018. La Pedrera

Xavier Miserachs (Barcelona, 1937-1998) was the youngest member of a collective which in the late 1950s revived the creativity and innovation of applied photography, all trace of which had been lost after the Spanish Civil War. He brought about a break with the past in [...]

CERET. Joan Ponç “Diábolo”. 3march – 27 may 2018. Musée d’art moderne

Joan Ponç (Barcelona, 1928 – Sant Pau, 1984) was a visionary and mercurial insular artist who played an important part in the history of art of the post-war years in Catalonia and Spain. He set in motion the artistic renewal of the avant-garde after the Civil [...]

NEW YORK. Esther Ferrer & Elena Asins. “Silent Cries” 9 march – 6 april, 2018. Instituto Cervantes

Elena Asins and Esther Ferrer belong to that landscape of transgression of the artistic behaviors that crystallized in Spain from the second half of the sixties until the end of the seventies. An anxious time of liberties in which the practice of art was [...]