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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

ROTTERDAM. “Belén Zahera & Karlos Gil”19 january – 19 july 2020. Witte de With Center.

This exhibition explores the immigration of form. It regards a cultural product that is as much the result of local traditions as it is a cosmopolitan artifact. Here, consider Delft Blue in the Netherlands. Now, consider a piece of Qinghua Porcelain in China, or [...]

ZAPOPAN (MX) Sara Ramo “Cards on the Table” february 1st to may 31st, 2020. MAZ. Museo de arte de Zapopan.

Sara Ramo’s exhibition Cartas sobre la mesa (Cards on the Table) presents sculptures, collages and interventions which, inspired by the Theatre of the Absurd, evoke with critical eye the structures that have conducted and still conduct Brazil’s and the World’s current social and political tensions. The [...]

SINGAPORE. Eva Armisen “Love stories” 23 february – 7 march 2020. Ode to Art gallery.

Focusing on family portraits, this series of work spans three generations and includes family pets, suggesting the significance of familial bond and time spent together. Based in Barcelona, Eva is instantly recognised through her child-like, but never childish, works. With a focus on capturing [...]

CHICAGO “Poured Architecture: Sergio Prego on Miguel Fisac” 13 february – 23 april 2020. Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.

Poured Architecture: Sergio Prego on Miguel Fisac establishes a dialogue between the work of the late architect Miguel Fisac (1913–2006) and the work of the artist Sergio Prego (b. 1969) and it is curated by Carlos Copertone, Patxi Eguíluz, and Iker Gil. Sergio Prego (b.1969) is a Basque sculptor and part [...]

MEXICO “On the Importance of Thriving” 7 february – 24 may 2020. Centro Cultural de España.

The Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico (CCEMx) in collaboration with Acción Cultural Española, AC/E and AECID presents the exhibition "La cuestión es ir tirando"(On the Importance of Thriving). A curatorship of Angel Calvo Ulloa that brings together the work of 27 essential artists within [...]

WASHINGTON. Amarist “Welcome?” february 07 — march 01, 2020. A&A at Hillyer Contemporary Art Center.

“Welcome?” is a visual installation raising awareness on borders and refugees. In a time when we are witnessing a rise in populism and an increase in the closure of borders, the Welcome? exhibition seeks to spark a debate about the meaning of border walls in our [...]