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Spanish  Contemporary  Art  Worldwide

TOKYO “Barcelona: The City of Artistic Miracles” 8 february – 5 april 2020.Tokyo station gallery.

Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s autonomous Catalonia region, draws many visitors with its plentiful tourist attractions, such as the cuisine, sports, and the World Heritage Site of Sagrada Familia. With France to its north and blessed with a temperate climate due to the [...]

BARCELONA. EVRU / ZUSH “To be again” 23 january – 7 march 2020. Galería Senda.

With the exhibition “To be again” Evru/Zush returns to the art scene after a forced retirement due to health issues. We find ourselves in front of a long series of small pencil drawings, on which he worked exclusively. In these works we find ourselves [...]

MEXICO Felipe Pantone “Big Time Data” february 4 – april 11, 2020. Galería RGR.

Galería RGR is honored to present the exhibition "Big Time Data" by Felipe Pantone. The artist's plastic concerns - between the representation of the digital image and street art - have placed him at the center of the contemporary art scene. Pantone will take [...]

AUSTIN. Ana Esteve Llorens “Space is a reality” 11 january- 23 february 2020. Gray Duck Gallery.

By means of sculpture and installation Spanish artist Ana Esteve Llorens presents a new group of works that enquire about the reality of space as a sensory experience. Utilizing natural and manufactured materials, craft techniques and industrial processes, the artist engages with different methods [...]

BRUSSELS “Antoni Tápies” 8 february – 28 march 2020. Almine Rech Gallery.

Almine Rech Brussels is pleased to present Antoni Tàpies's first solo show with the gallery. Indeed, over half of the works on view have been featured in museum and gallery exhibitions, and most are documented in related publications. This is his first solo exhibition in [...]

PARIS. Albano Hernández “PANTONE” 5- 28 february 2020. Colegio de España.

Albano Hernández, joins the pictorial language with the linguistic expression. The artworks delve deeper into the limits of writing as a pictorial expression. The purpose of this creation is to fly between the rigor of the word and the richness of plastic creativity, where [...]